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Doylestown Dog Park - Turk Park III - Membership Required


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Doylestown Dog Park - Turk Park III - Membership Required
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Facility Information

1260 Almshouse Road
Warrington, PA 18976

General Information
The dog park was established in 2012 in partnership with Doylestown Township, Doylestown Borough and County of Bucks as well as other public and private partners to address the needs of dog owners and non-dog owners alike.

Amenities: Three off-leash sections defined by size (1 acre for small dogs, 1 acre for large dogs and 1 acre rotation area to preserve the turf). Other amenities include, shaded pavilion areas, waste bags and receptacles, water fountains, benches, trees and shrubs for screening and shade and informational kiosk. This beautiful space is open to responsible dog lovers, and their well-behaved dogs that are willing to uphold the park system and off-leash area rules and regulations.

The success of the Doylestown Dog Park is due in part to the unique mandatory education session that is required for all park users and submission of dog license, vaccinations and attendance at an educational orientation session. We believe that our requirements result in a better educated participant who understands their responsibility as a dog park user, resulting in a positive experience for all.

The “orientation” session will show new members what to expect from dogs and people at the parks. At the conclusion of the session, you will be given an attendance certificate which is required for registration. All household members that will use the park are required to attend the orientation. Only individuals who have been to orientation are permitted to take properly “registered dogs” to the park.
First time registrants can sign up either at the conclusion of orientation or at the Doylestown Township Administrative office (with required paperwork).

Getting Started:
1)  Get started by logging into your household account or creating a household
2)  All dogs must be entered as members in your household (you will be asked to identify
     "human" or canine"
3)  Please consider "opting in" for email notifications to receive updates/announcements 
     relative to the dog park.
4)  Important > All household members over the age of 18 that will be taking the registered
     dog(s) to the dog park must attend an orientation session. Children
under the age of 14 
     years are not permitted in any section of the dog park (including the pavilion)

Orientation (a minimum registration of six (6) people is required for the session to run):
1)  Register for one of the free orientation sessions listed below. Your registration will be placed in the
     "shopping cart."  Please note: Even though there is no charge, you must check out and complete the
     payment screen in order to be registered for the orientation session. Choose the "no payment" option
     to complete your registration.

2)  You must attend the full orientation session in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.
3)  Please plan to arrive early as late entry will not be permitted once the session has begun.
4)  Do not bring your dog(s) to orientation

Dog Park Registration: First time registration can be done either immediately following the orientation session or at the Administration office. All required registration materials must be submitted at time of registration. The following are required and will be kept on file:

1. Membership Application -
Pages 19-22 of the Dog Park Application Packet printed, completed,
and signed. (Application can be found below under "Additional Forms and Files.")

2. Records:
Copies of the following required documents must be submitted at time of registration:
    -  Dog License (yearly or Lifetime) or receipt from purchase
    -  Rabies Certificate (or veterinary record showing current status)
    -  DHPP or DHLPP (veterinary record showing current status)
    -  Bordetella
(veterinary record showing current status)

3. Orientation Completion Certificate -
provided at conclusion of the orientation session

4. Payment
Check payable to Doylestown Township
    -  Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard or Discover)

can be completed online (2nd year forward)

  • Log into your household account.
  • Click [register], [memberships], [dog park membership]
  • Follow any prompts as specified
  • Select the appropriate renewal category
    • Your selection(s) will be placed in the "shopping cart".
    • Check out and complete payment process to complete your registration.
Refunds: Dog Park membership is valid for a period of one year. No refunds are made relative to Dog Park membership.

Questions, Inquiries, Concerns: Contact the administration office at 215-348-9915 or

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